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rowlandcreative | Uncategorized | December 19, 2018

Close to two years ago we started a new client relationship. This particular relationship was different. While we always do work we feel good about, this was work we could really feel good about.

Discovery Space is a children’s non-profit science center based in State College, serving the larger Central Pennsylvania region. They were established a number of years before our relationship began. As their organization matured, they wanted their visual identity and their space to mature, too.

They came to us with some practical problems (needing a visual identity, signage and materials) and a strategic problem. While it was important for their organization to look fun, approachable and kid-friendly, it also needed to grow into an identity that highlighted the organization’s scientific credibility and didn’t seem limited to an audience of young children. We started to work together and haven’t looked back since. In fact, this year Discovery Space was the non-profit we selected for our give back program, in which we provide pro bono work to significantly expand a non-profit’s marketing budget.

As always, we began this relationship with our discovery process. Through this research, we developed assets including audience personas and a messaging matrix. More importantly, we created a new, refined and flexible visual identity, including a logo with a cloud of shapes that are now used throughout Discovery Space’s materials.

In the middle of our partnership with Discovery Space, they moved to a larger location. This was an exciting—and disruptive!—change. The new brand that we had been working towards was now going to be displayed in prime real estate along Atherton Street. We supported the move to the new location with additional signage to help visitors find their way around, to help describe and explain exhibits and to feature donors.

As they were getting settled, Discovery Space also began their fundraising capital campaign: The Future of Science is in Play. This capital campaign required fresh, professional materials that still displayed the organization’s youthful energy. It was now time to take their identity, along with this campaign-specific look, and apply it across many mediums. Brochures were created as well as pamphlets, templates, folders and many other materials.

The most exciting portion of this project was the making of a video to support the campaign. Video projects are always fun, but this one really knocked it out of the park. Our lucky team members who attended the video shoot got to play with science experiments, meet local philanthropists and be surrounded by children’s laughter. Of course, the editing part is never as much fun as the shoot itself but this finished product was worth it.

We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it: this is work you can truly feel good about.

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