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What The Font?!

rowlandcreative | Thinking, Doing | June 29, 2018

In our daily lives there are so many things that we don’t put any thought into. We see something and accept it as is. We don’t think about what decisions contributed to the solution before our eyes. Look at the bottom of your shoes. No, really, actually look at them. If you are comfortable with the person next to you, take a look at theirs too. The soles of these shoes are going to be different, some more drastically than others. You don’t care why, because you can still walk in your shoes. The only time you would care is if they don’t feel right, or if they aren’t doing their job. But here’s the thing, people have put serious thought into every little aspect of your shoes.

While shoes and fonts are completely different, the idea remains the same. You see an end result—absolute functionality—rather than components that work together. At the end of the day, people will read your words (hopefully) and no one will stop and admire your font choice. I guarantee if you use the wrong one though, people will be saying “what the font”.

Fonts have personality, more than you may realize.

Some are professional businessmen, and others might be the class-clown from middle school (I’m looking at you Comic-Sans).

The brand you are writing for has an image that needs to remain consistent every time an end-user sees it. If you are a company selling cutting edge technology, you want something clean and modern. If you are a teashop, you might want something a little more personal. Just start experimenting with different fonts and go until it feels right. Your font and brand should be holding hands and not fighting each other.

If you find yourself looking at a website and coming across a font choice that you truly enjoy, it is ok to see what it is. There are font identification tools that will help you figure out what the font is. Now this serves as a starting point, you do not necessarily want an exact match. Just as there are many serif fonts, there are many other families of fonts you can dive into.

Spending time on font selection will not only help reinforce your company image; it will help create an organizational hierarchy in documents. Play around and find a font style that feels right—you’ll know when it does. If you’re feeling crazy, try looking for another font that goes well with it. The idea is not to use them interchangeably but rather to have a title font and a body font. This gives your documents a polished feel. It will create a natural hierarchy and allow readers to skim if need be.

Our last suggestion is to test it in every scenario you can think of. When you think you have the fonts selected that you want to use, try looking at it in large and small scale. Print it out and then view it on a website. While there are font tools out there that you can find, trust your gut to make the decision. You want to make sure your font works well for every situation. Now that you have the perfect font, let everyone know. Your mom doesn’t care, but you should tell every co-worker that will ever touch a document.

Make sure that you and your team are consistent. Every document your organization produces should have a certain look and feel. What the font choice is will help reinforce what you want to portray. Just like we mentioned earlier, people will only notice when it’s wrong. So carve out some time and experiment, your brand will thank you.

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