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What is Web Design?

rowlandcreative | Thinking | May 1, 2018

Web design is some of our favorite work. Almost every organization needs a website, and it’s a crucially important part of your marketing presence. Having an outstanding website is often times a credibility check for your company, you can read our thoughts about it here. But it’s not often that we get to talk about what it really means to design a website—not just aesthetically or technically, but as a functional whole.

People usually talk about web design as a means to an end, or like it’s all about making websites that are pretty. In our minds, web design is a process and not a final result.

A well designed website is more beautiful than a website dressed to impress

Beauty is more than skin deep. For a site to function well, you can’t just put a pretty wrapper over weak structure or half-baked ideas. This means that an expertly designed website should have an aesthetic that complements the site’s functionality, offering a never-ending circle of superb user-experience.

Yeah, we get excited about this kind of stuff.

Seriously, the design should naturally lead the user through the website in a fluid motion of scrolling all the way to the bottom of the page and clicking internal links. This is best achieved through a custom aesthetic backed by logical decisions rather than the nicest looking template.

Still pretty though…

I mean we aren’t monsters.

Yes, web design should rival a Da Vinci in a perfect situation. We just think all design should be intentional and, in web design that aesthetics should be driven by logic.

Unique Content Is The Driving Factor

When a user arrives at your website, they’ve usually found it because of the ideas that are there. Ultimately your words and ideas are what drives the thought behind the design. The tone of your message and product inform the design factors: colors, background, images, even the text.

Web Design Is Not A Pick A Package Purchase

Try saying that five times fast.

All joking aside, if you are presented with a one-page sheet listing different website packages you are cheating yourself. If your idea is special enough to constitute a website, it’s special enough to deserve a unique design with a thoughtful marketing strategy behind it.

We are not saying we would be the perfect match to build your site (it’s not you it’s me), even though we hope we are. But you need an agency that will sit down and listen to your needs and desires. Yes, your web designer really should be your partner.

It Isn’t All About You

I know. That stung a little.

At the end of the day no one cares if your website is designed to reflect your true inner self, or even to tell your company’s story in a way that resonates with you. It’s more important for the site to serve your audience, and to tell stories that are compelling to them. People care about whether or not a website serves their needs in a pain-free manner, and it doesn’t hurt if it’s pretty along the way either.

When you are having a website designed for you, a little pushback from your designer should be welcomed. In a perfect world, your designer doubles as an ambassador to all of your future website visitors. Having a web designer who can make you think objectively is worth their weight in gold.

Web Design Is A Process And Not An End Result

The journey is half the fun, right? Signing on the dotted line and seeing a result a few weeks later might sound appealing. But it is pretty boring in our opinion, and more importantly it’s not a good way to get a site that really works for your audience. Web design is a long process–getting to know your audience, developing a navigation structure, writing content, designing and developing—with iterations at each phase to make sure the site will connect with the audience and meet the most important goals.

While this might sound tedious, we promise it’s actually exciting (maybe we are just a bunch of nerds). If web design is done correctly, you not only walk away with an attractive website, but with a deeper understanding of your audience and how to talk to them.

So drop us a line, come in and have some coffee with us. Let’s talk about what could make the best designed website, inside and out.

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