Rebecca Wilson Lundin

Welcoming Rebecca Wilson Lundin to the Thinker/Doer Team

Sydney Katona | Culture | August 16, 2017

We’re so pleased to welcome Rebecca Wilson Lundin to the Rowland team of Thinkers/Doers.

Rebecca joins the Thinker/Doer ranks with extensive experience in project management, strategy and a bunch of other interesting things. (And she has expertise in balloon management, which is something we’re always looking for.)

You can get to know her with the quick interview below – and learn more about the full team over at our about page

How did you get into marketing?

My background is in writing and teaching. Marketing requires both of those skills: much of it relies on words, and like teaching it requires you to imaginatively understand your audience in order to convey information effectively.

What was your first job?

My first job, in high school, was as a balloon decorator. This is not the same thing as a balloon artist (twisty animals and things). Instead, I worked for a woman who did balloon decorations for weddings, events, New Year’s Eve, etc. We’re talking thousands of balloons at a time, calluses from tying so many balloons, and epic mishaps when large strings of helium balloons came untied and floated off.

Favorite food? 

Coffee. I like the routine and the vibe of small-town coffee shops.

What’s your out-of-office hobby?

I’m a trail runner and try to spend as much time as possible in the woods.

Dogs, cats or neither?

Currently, the answer is “chickens.”


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