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Trusting Your Gut in a Crunch

rowlandcreative | Thinking | May 6, 2015

Last month our agency was enlisted to develop materials for a large promotional campaign on an extremely tight timeline. Executing materials quickly in the vein of an existing look is one thing, but to develop a new identity and apply it to several new pieces and a production schedule is another. We hardly had time to even think about the gamble, let alone multiple possibilities and variations for the visual direction of the campaign.

With all of our attention riveted on this one project, before we knew it, our part was done. A logo was created; bright, engaging, eye-catching graphics were designed; products were ordered, delivered and installed in time for the event. Our clients were thrilled. The campaign was a success.

This is what we learned about working under a tight time constraint:

Sometimes in design, it’s best to run with your gut. After years of developing a skilled eye and hand through working, analyzing, and reworking, you’ve earned the privilege to follow your gut and acknowledge that you nailed it, sometimes in minutes. And, along with feeling obliged to supply a handful of options to the client, leave the guilt behind. Celebrate your decisiveness. For the smattering of times you threw a knockout punch in the first round, there are designs that stumbled through dozens of rounds to reach victory.

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