Rowland Creative team at the 2019 Bracket Awards

‘Tis The Season

rowlandcreative | Culture | July 1, 2019

No, this is not a post nagging you about your holiday card (although if you do want to read that, we do have some suggestions on holiday planning. This post is a celebration! We are happy to announce that the award season for marketing and creative is underway and we have heard back some results.

Creative professionals oftentimes run on non-traditional calendars. Actually, just about everything about us is quirky, that is why we get along so well. Every year leading into the summertime is when awards open up for marketing and creative awards. As always, we submitted a few entries to the Central Pennsylvania Creative Professionals [CP]2.

[CP]2 meets every year to celebrate the achievements we make in this market for our clients. To keep any bias out of the judging, guest judges from an outside market evaluate all of the submissions. This year we were fortunate to have creative professionals from New York City judge our work. Top marketing agencies and in-house creative professionals were there to partake, so you could say the standards were pretty high.

The team got all gussied up and was ready to hit the town to see how we did. The event was hosted by the brand new 3 Dots. The community of creative professionals of Central Pennsylvania mingled and caught up on how the past year had been going for them, chatting about their works and getting excited for each other. By the end of the night, Rowland Creative walked away with seven awards.

Bracket Awards

  • Oberon Mobile Sports Report – Gold
  • Penn State ABRL Website – Silver
  • Discovery Space Video – Silver
  • Happy Valley Launchbox Impact Brochure – Silver
  • Mammoth Restoration Website – Silver
  • Paralux Cable Systems Website – Silver
  • Rowland Creative PA Grays Book – Silver

[CP]2 was the start of our awards season, but it wasn’t the end. Every year Graphic Design USA (GDUSA) holds a national web design award. Agencies from across the country submit their best work and all of it is graded. Only the top segment is given an award. Rowland Creative was recognized for three projects from the previous year.

Graphic Design USA

  • Discovery Space Video
  • Penn State ABRL Website
  • Paralux Cable Systems Website

We are always proud of the work we do, and this time of year is a time to stop and reflect on how we got here. Without our amazing clients, we would have no reason for these projects. It is thanks to them that we are able to submit entries on their behalf. So to everyone we have worked with, thank you for the support. To anyone we have not worked with, ready for some award-winning work?

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