2018 Best in Show Brackets Award for API Technologies

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rowlandcreative | Uncategorized | May 31, 2018

Wow, what a year! (Yes, we do realize it is May.) Our calendar for Central Pennsylvania Creative Professionals [CP]2 doesn’t run January-December when it comes to their annual Bracket Awards. So for us, we got to celebrate like it’s New Years in June, and yes, it was better than Christmas in July.

The Bracket Awards are judged by an independent group of Creatives from an outside market. The judges this year were a select group of Creative Professionals from the Pittsburgh area. They review the anonymous submissions and decide what level of work it is. This way their could be three gold levels in a category or none. The idea is to help Central PA grow in a creative sense and to get together and recognize all that we achieve in our market.

This past year we had a lot to be thankful for. Our clients and partners let us carry out some of our best ideas yet. While we are always giddy to see these ideas come to life, another level is added when we are able to give our clients a trophy that recognizes them.

The team dressed up, the guys even put on a sports coat (around here, that’s a big deal) and shared the honor through the night of accepting all the awards. We walked away with eight awards, including best in show.

Our best in show piece was for API Technologies. They needed an invitation that would truly stand out when they handed it out at a trade-show. We talked to their engineers and designed a letter-pressed invitation that mimicked the design of one of their microchips. We had a blast making it, and they had a deliverable that truly stood out amongst the rest at the trade-show and at the Bracket Awards

At the end of the night, the team at Rowland was recognized for:

  • Best in Show: API Technologies Event Invite
  • Gold Level Winner: Contributary Website
  • Gold Level Winner: Centre Foundation Annual Repport
  • Gold Level Winner: Invent Penn State New Year’s Card
  • Gold Level Winner: API Technologies Event Invite
  • Gold Level Winner: Emily Whitehead Foundation Gala Event
  • Gold Level Winner: Rowland Creative Logo
  • Silver Level Winner: 2018 Penn State Startup Week Event

So, a giant thank you to all who support us and let us run with these ideas.

Photo of all trophies that Rowland Creative had won at the 2018 Bracket Awards

Group photo of the Rowland Team at the 2018 Bracket Awards

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