World in Conversation: Transforming Conflict into Collaboration

World in Conversation facilitates radically open dialogues that expand perspectives and invite greater understanding between people. The Center for Public Diplomacy started on Penn State’s campus, but the organization has since sparked conversation across the world with video communication technology and a partnership with NATO cadets and civilians in conflict zones.

We were tasked by World in Conversation to highlight the importance of conversation through a series of custom illustrations to be hosted on their site. The series explains why miscommunication happens and how World in Conversation facilitators help foster better dialogue.


Want to learn more about how facilitators transform conflict into collaboration? Check out the full series of illustrations on the World in Conversation site, or in our Bechance portfolio.

Thinking + Doing, and now, Tweeting.

We’re embracing Twitter. We’ve always been a fan of the social network and how easy it’s made sharing thoughts and projects, but weren’t sure, until recently, how it fit in our world. In the office now, we’re working on several projects in which user-generated content plays a large role in the marketing of an event, product or service, so we decided it was time to enter the Twittersphere.

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Successful campaigns that incorporate user-generated content build in sharable components during the planning phase. It’s important to outline how your audience will be empowered to easily share their creation with others, and ultimately, tie it back to your business. Twitter makes this easy with hashtags and mentions.

We boiled in some shareable components to our work for artsUP, an event sponsored by Penn State’s College of Arts and Architecture. Pulling inspiration from trading cards, we designed reminder cards that encourage people to draw a doodle and share it with the hashtag #artsUP.

We’ll be tracking the artsUP hashtag and pulling tweets for content over the next month. For more information on artsUP, which takes place on Penn State’s campus on September 20, visit their website at Or even better! Follow them on Twitter, @PennStateArtsUp.