When is the right time to rebrand

When is the Right Time for a Rebrand

rowlandcreative | Thinking | July 19, 2017

Your B2B company’s brand is important. Before a prospect gets to know your great product or service or your talented sales team, they’ll see your logo and visual identity. Your brand speaks for you without saying a word. You want your brand to shout good things to the rooftops.

“Sure, we don’t love our logo. But a rebrand is expensive and time consuming,” you cry. “And our current customers already know who we are – what does it matter?” Or maybe you’re already sold on the idea of a rebrand but don’t know the best time to unveil for maximum marketing value.

Both are valid concerns. How will you know when it’s truly the right time for your company to rethink its brand and introduce a new one – rather than engaging in an exercise in marketing futility?

When you have a new product or service offering

If your company has recently expanded its products or services, it might be time to premiere a new look. An expansion means that your company is introducing itself to an entirely new audience, where existing brand equity may not play as much of a role.

When you pivot

Going beyond just a new product – what about when you’re shifting the business model as a whole? A new corporate direction is a great time to implement a new brand, for similar reasons as above. 

When a new competitor enters the space

Competitive companies entering your niche is the perfect time to reexamine your positioning and ensure that you’re continuing to provide unique value, whether that’s a superior product, stellar customer service or unparalleled convenience. And a rebrand may fit well with that positioning exercise. 

When a special occasion approaches

If the company’s 50th anniversary is coming up and you have the same logo as you did way back then, odds are it doesn’t resonate with current consumers. Whether design styles and preferences have changed or your company has completely changed gears, a special occasion provides a unique PR play for your rebrand – in addition to being a great time to drum up excitement internally about the next phase of growth.

You may not ever know if a potential customer is put off by a brand that looks outdated, out of touch or outpaced by competitors. Taking a fresh look at your brand inside and out can have real marketing value – when done the right way.

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