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Keep Your Virtual Home In Order

rowlandcreative | Thinking | March 28, 2018

At my first job a trainer said “If you own a business, your website is your house.” That really stuck with me. Your website is where your business lives. You get to show off what you are all about and even brag a little bit about how great you are. If a visitor shows up, what they see is how they will remember you. You want your house to be clean and functional, right?

Fold Your Laundry

In my personal life, my fiancé and I love entertaining, who doesn’t love an excuse to have a good meal? However, we never invite people over without making sure the house is clean. Why should your business be any different? Your homepage is the front door into your world. A broken link on your website should be treated no differently than a pile of dirty clothes in the middle of the living room. If you see it, clean it up before anyone else ever sees it. Having an outdated look to your website is just as bad as still having your shag carpet from the 80’s (I refuse to accept it is trending again).

That Email Was A Dinner Invite

When you include your website in the signature on your email—and almost every business should—you are doing it so that people will click. That means that every email you send is basically a dinner invitation. The same goes for almost any marketing or call to action you deliver. They will all drive people to your website, and your site should be prepared for those visitors just like you’d prepare your house for dinner guests. In today’s world, a website check is basically a credibility check. If you have the sleekest deliverables around with a non-functional site, people will wonder where the disconnect is and you will quickly lose credibility.

Know Your Guests

The time has finally come; everyone is here at your house. Some people might just stand in the doorway, realize it isn’t the right fit and leave. Other people will get a little nosey and poke around your house. While we hope your actual dinner guests don’t rifle through your medicine cabinets, we certainly want to know if your website visitors do. We want to know what web pages people are visiting so we can base future marketing decisions off of that information. A website that’s ready for guests needs some form of analytics tracking, and your team needs the know-how to do something useful with that information.

Leave A Good Impression

Planning for guests is no easy task, especially if you haven’t cleaned in awhile. The chores might to be tedious—you can’t just swipe the dirt under the rug. Just like your real house, your virtual house chores can run the gamut from minor, tedious tasks (think checking all of your links) to significant overhauls (think redesigning your site). Whatever’s needed, though, it’s important. Your website is your company’s house, and it needs to make the right impression. So roll up your sleeves and start cleaning.

You are probably having flashbacks at this point of your mom telling you to clean your room when you were younger. But hey, moms are always right

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