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Over a million monthly visitors look to HigherEdJobs as the leading source for jobs and career information in academia. With their team, we designed a robust website, along with accompanying materials, that highlights the company’s passion for education recruitment and reinforced its positioning as a trusted name in their industry.

Services Provided: Web, Marketing Strategy, Brand, Events, Print Collateral

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HigherEdJobs Website

HigherEdJobs Website
HigherEdJobs Website
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“Since the day we launched the redesigned website, we have seen a significant boost in traffic, especially from mobile. We’ve also seen a jump in people signing up for accounts, newsletters, and other emails.”

John Ikenberry, Ph.D.
President, HigherEdJobs

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HigherEdJobs Brochure

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Awards & Recognition

2016 [CP]2 Bracket Award: Trade Show
2016 [CP]2 Bracket Award: Collateral – Brochure
2016 [CP]2 Bracket Award: Mixed Media Campaign
2016 GDUSA Magazine American Web Design Award

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