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Drucker Diagnostics, a leader in the development and manufacturing of clinical centrifuges, blood count analyzers, and fluorescence microscopy products, came to us with a new product and the opportunity to reach an international market. Through our partnership, we developed and implemented an integrated marketing-communications strategy and spun out a full campaign of targeted pieces.

Services Provided: Marketing Strategy, Brand, Video, Web, Print Collateral

Drucker Website

“What Rowland Creative did with the Dash campaign has put us, a small company, on a par with our partner, a global company 500 times our size. At a recent event, a partner employee commented that we showed them that they needed to “pick up their game”!

Jocelyne McGeever
Vice President of Marketing
Drucker Diagnostics

Drucker Apex 6

Drucker Icons

Drucker Approach Brochure

Drucker Dash Web Page

Dash Barricor Web Page

Drucker Trade Show Booth

Drucker Dash Data Sheet

Drucker PowerPoint

Drucker PowerPoint

Awards & Recognition

2017 [CP]2 Bracket Award: Animation
2016 [CP]2 Bracket Award: Animation
2016 [CP]2 Bracket Award: Integrated Campaign

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