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Thinker/Doer: How and Why We Do What We Do

Dana Ray | Doing, Thinking | October 11, 2016

We’re kind of obsessed with this pairing: thinkers/doers. It’s how we identify ourselves. It’s in our email signatures and on our About Page. It’s on our business cards and it comes up in conversation. We praise by saying, “She’s definitely a doer” or “There’s good thinking in this design.” But what does it mean to …read more


Attending FWD:B2B

Bobby Walter | Thinking | November 12, 2015

A few from our office attended our first BMAPhilly event last week. The second B2B:FWD Conference, held in conjunction with Godfrey, allowed industry leaders to share their experiences using digital technologies to connect and engage with their customers. We registered unaware of the dimension of industry experience and marketing knowledge that would be present, but were more than …read more

Arts Up Illustartion

Thinking + Doing, and now, Tweeting.

Bobby Walter | Thinking | August 20, 2015

We’re embracing Twitter. We’ve always been a fan of the social network and how easy it’s made sharing thoughts and projects, but weren’t sure, until recently, how it fit in our world. In the office now, we’re working on several projects in which user-generated content plays a large role in the marketing of an event, product or service, …read more

The Marketing Donut

Introducing: The Donut

Dan Rowland | Thinking | July 10, 2015

Last week, I had the opportunity to meet with a group of like-minded business owners & entrepreneurs at an IMC event addressing the development of custom web and mobile applications. Leading up to the discussion, president of West Arete, Scott Woods, and I met to discuss the fundamentals of creating a successful app and what practices a developer …read more

IMC presentation

IMC Presentation: Design and Development of Custom Web and Mobile Applications

Bobby Walter | Thinking | July 1, 2015

The Innovative Manufacturers’ Centre (IMC) hosted us this morning to talk about the design and development of custom web and mobile applications. Partnering with West Arete, a custom software development company, we talked shop with over 20 attendees, all of whom held different interests in the topic. While most were working on an in-house project, several noted that they are independently developing …read more

Trust Your Gut Illustration

Trusting Your Gut in a Crunch

Bobby Walter | Thinking | May 6, 2015

Last month our agency was enlisted to develop materials for a large promotional campaign on an extremely tight timeline. Executing materials quickly in the vein of an existing look is one thing, but to develop a new identity and apply it to several new pieces and a production schedule is another. We hardly had time …read more

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