What we hear most often from new clients is this: “I didn’t expect to find a marketing agency like you in State College.” Working with Rowland, you get big city value with the skills and capacity of any “A-Team” you’d find in Philadelphia, DC or Pittsburgh. We’re proud to help you buy local and support our community.


Think first. Do second. It’s a core value at Rowland Creative and ensures our work is not just a way cool design (it is), but that it’s also grounded in solid strategy.


We also know that thinking all the good thoughts without great doing means nothing. Sure, we’re creative. But we also stay focused and get things done.

In the end, our Think/Do philosophy ensures you send the right message, evoke the right action and ultimately meet your goals.


Jessica Lentz

Jessica Lentz

Strategist & Project Manager

Andy Strager

Andy Strager

Digital Marketing Specialist

David Spak

David Spak

Art Director & Designer

Brian Dixon

Brian Dixon

Lead WordPress Developer

Debbie Novitsky

Debbie Novitsky

Project & Agency Coordinator



Office Security

Giving Back

At Rowland, we believe that our business should care for the community around us. We do the significant amount of work with nonprofits each year. We are proud to support the work of the following clients:

Emily Whitehead Foundation

Bob Perks Fund


Dan Rowland Then and Now

Dan started Rowland Creative from his basement. The laundry buzzer would go off and he’d flip the laundry and get back to work. It was just him but he loved it—he knew he was starting an agency that could do better and more than what he had experienced in the industry to that point. With just two clients, he started to gain the business experience he needed that would later develop into the agency that exists today.

The vision for Rowland Creative as an agency has continued to evolve: we aren’t in a basement anymore; we’ve doubled our team in the last year; we’ve doubled-down on B2B and E2B work; we’re taking on new challenges.

This ability to pivot and adjust is part of what Dan considers the biggest asset to his business. Growth will happen at every turn. We’re not going to plateau and we’re going to make sure our clients don’t either. This can mean hiring to meet new needs and the current team learning new approaches and tools to get the job done.

Thinking and doing and rethinking and redoing: that’s at the core of what we’re here to do.

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