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3 Ways to Win at B2B Tech Marketing

rowlandcreative | Thinking | May 23, 2017

Companies in the B2B tech vertical have a challenging job ahead of them: to market their product in a way that’s as innovative as their company. Whether you’re creating a new line of 3D printers or introducing your newest software, it can be hard to know what broad tactics and trends to focus on in your marketing.

We’ve specialized in B2B tech for years, and we’ve noticed what successful companies – and their marketing – have in common.


B2B companies typically have complex products and even more complex sales processes. Simplifying messaging and creative can have a huge difference on your marketing success. Buyers want to know your most important messages, your top product benefits, and your key specifications. Don’t clutter top-level marketing pieces with unnecessary information. Even hyper-targeted campaigns should be streamlined to exactly what your prospect is looking for – nothing more, nothing less.


“B2B” is an assembly of letters and numbers. In reality, all sales and marketing transactions are H2H – human to human. We’re all people, no matter how much technical knowledge is engrained in our jobs. Remember that in your marketing and communications development. Tell stories. Be relatable. There’s a time and place for technical documentation, and there’s a time and place to connect with people at a human level. More times than not, your buyer will prefer the latter.


Take a frequent look at your brand, and make sure it’s representing exactly what you’re offering to the marketplace. Perhaps you named your company years ago, and it doesn’t suit your new focus on services over products. An outdated logo and visual identity can place your company in the late 90s rather than the Internet of Things (IoT) age. Or maybe formal MarCom planning would transform your marketing and sales process. Review and refine how you market your company and product or service on a regular basis by working with a marketing agency. Developing a brand is an iterative process with no clear endpoint – and that’s a good thing! Getting an external perspective can help you get the clarity you need.

Using these fundamentals to power your thinking can shift the way you think about your marketing. As you work, make sure good strategy backs all of your efforts. Combine that with a simple, human and refined brand, and you’ll be one step ahead of the competition.

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