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After separating from a large franchise, the owners of Mammoth Restoration & Construction wanted to continue looking like a national brand, but provide quality customer service at a local level. We were able to construct a variety of strategically branded assets for Mammoth that enabled them to have success not only locally, but in four other states as well.

More about our project with Mammoth

You just can’t miss their trucks running around State College (and across Pennsylvania). Mammoth Restoration provides restoration and construction services for residences and businesses that have suffered water, fire and smoke damage.

The Challenge

The owner of Mammoth had previously run a franchise restoration business in the area. Coming off a 2-year hiatus, he jumped into Mammoth with tons of energy and a huge vision. Starting from scratch, he wanted to build a national brand but provide quality customer service at the local level. Rowland Creative was up to the challenge of enabling them to have success not only locally, but in four other states as well.

The Approach

Mammoth had a clear vision, wanted to make a difference, and was willing to go all-in. We started the process with a strategy workshop that helped us better understand both the business and the goals. Through the discovery process, we could define key elements that factor into purchasing decisions, including motivations of buyers, referrers, and influencers. We also took a look at where Mammoth stood as a brand nationally among its competitors. Through this process, we gained a clear foundation to work from. We developed effective messaging and a new tagline that worked with the realities of our audiences. The new logo also developed at this stage with its black, white, and red palette intended to stand out in the market.

Next, we built deliverables essential for the business to succeed, including website, business suite and collateral. Most importantly, we also created the big, bold and memorable vehicle wraps for the entire fleet of service vehicles.
With the basics in place, we then developed and executed a full MarCom plan and a wide variety of campaigns using direct mail, dimensional mail, content marketing, and much more. Our team brought the visual identity to the forefront of the work.

The Results

Because Mammoth meticulously tracks where their leads originate and how they progress through the sales funnel, they were able to accurately attribute 20% of their yearly sales to the rebranding effort. Talk about closing the marketing gap!

Mammoth Logo

“I travel all over the country and I have been asked hundreds of times ‘Where can I buy a Mammoth shirt or hat?’ People love our logo.”

Michael Bevilacqua, Founder, Mammoth Restoration & Construction.

“Rowland Creative helped us rebrand and came up with a plan to tell the general public not only who we are but what we do. And the best part about it, we track where every job we get comes from and our branding (signs, trucks etc…) is over 20% of our revenues, up from 5%.”

Michael BevilacquaFounder, Mammoth Restoration & Construction