With an advanced case of leukemia that didn’t respond to chemo, Emily Whitehead was the first child to successfully have her T-cells trained to fight cancer. After treatment, she and her parents founded the Emily Whitehead Foundation to fund immunotherapy treatment and research, and the organization needed a rebrand at a pivotal time of growth. We gave them a new identity, tagline and materials that helped explain their critical mission.

Scope of Work

Visual identity development, tagline development, business suite, marketing materials, and social media assets.

“In discussing the designs, we knew we wanted something bright, fun and optimistic. We also wanted something that looked scientific to reflect our mission of supporting immunotherapy treatments such as CAR T-cell therapy. Rowland Creative delivered with a logo that reflects those things and more.”

Kari WhiteheadCo-Founder, Emily Whitehead Foundation

Once the rebrand was complete, we jumped in to assist the foundation with their first signature event, the Believe Ball, a gala to celebrate scientific advancements and honor the stories of all the heroes with childhood cancer.