Drucker Diagnostics, a leader in the development and manufacturing of clinical centrifuges, blood count analyzers, and fluorescence microscopy products, came to us with a new product and the opportunity to reach an international market. Through our partnership, we developed and implemented an integrated marketing-communications strategy and spun out a full campaign of targeted pieces.

More about our project with Drucker Diagnostics

Drucker Diagnostics had been white labeling their products for fifty years. As a Central PA local and family owned business, they had built a line of successful, market-leading products in biotech items like centrifuges and blood count analyzers. But nationally, they were not recognizable.


The business model shifted when they partnered with a larger biotech company. Overnight, Drucker needed to develop a successful brand identity. In particular, they had an effective system that, combined with their new STAT centrifuges (the Apex 6), could transform a lab turn-around-time. In addition, they needed to launch an international campaign in just a few short months with an undeveloped visual identity and product design. Without an internal team for the job, Drucker looked for an agency to partner with and found Rowland Creative.


Starting in July of 2015, we worked with Drucker Diagnostics to create a campaign for the launch of the Apex centrifuges. We spent months understanding Drucker’s business, their marketing objectives, and their audiences to build a multi-channel campaign.

One of the major pieces in Drucker’s campaign is the “Meet the Apex 6” video, in which we introduce the new product along with its standard features. Technical products can be hard to explain and pitch. We needed to take complex systems and create a clear story about them. A video seemed the best tool for the job and our in-house design team had the animation capabilities to make it happen. The 2-minute motion video uses graphics to explain the product and process in a clear and concise manner. We also incorporated graphic elements from the video into other promotional pieces to establish a cohesive campaign.


Just a year later, their partner, a company 500 times their size, pulled the new VP of Marketing aside and said, approvingly, that Drucker’s new look and feel was motivating them to “pick up their game!”

Drucker Diagnostics moved from being an unrecognized centrifuge manufacturer to a player on the international biotech stage and a brand-equal with pharmaceutical giants.

“What Rowland Creative did with the Dash campaign has put us, a small company, on a par with our partner, a global company 500 times our size. At a recent event, a partner employee commented that we showed them that they needed to “pick up their game”!

Jocelyne McGeeverVice President of Marketing, Drucker Diagnostics

What did we deliver?

Discovery, Branding, Product Naming, Messaging, MarCom Strategy, Website Design, Icon Illustration, Motion Video, Product Sheets, Brochures, User Manuals