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When It’s Time to “Aspire Higher”

Dana Ray | Doing | September 20, 2016

HigherEdJobs had the market cornered when they launched their online academic job posting service in 1996. It started with three university employees who felt there had to be an easier way to search and apply for jobs in academia. And HigherEdJobs was born. Online job searching was revolutionary in a world where academics searched the printed …read more

Drucker Dash

Our Wheelhouse: Video Animation

Dan Rowland | Doing | June 13, 2016

In the last year, we have been proud to share our new video animation capabilities with our clients. We combine clear messaging and strong script writing with our team’s capable illustration and animation eye. And we’re pleased to share another example of that quality work. Drucker Diagnostics came to us a year ago without any marketing …read more

Drucker Apex 6

Featured Portfolio Item: Drucker Diagnostics

Bobby Walter | Doing | April 4, 2016

We’ve updated our portfolio to include work that has come out of our partnership with local centrifuge manufacturer, Drucker Diagnostics. Starting in July of 2015, we worked with Drucker Diagnostics to create a campaign for the recent launch of their Apex centrifuges. We spent months understanding Drucker’s business, their marketing objectives, and their audiences to …read more


The Heart of Care

Bobby Walter | Doing | February 18, 2016

We’re excited to debut the first piece of work coming out of our partnership with Drucker Diagnostics. Since July, we’ve worked closely with the local centrifuge manufacturer on a range of marketing and promotional materials to ignite their upcoming international campaign. The effort, which included a thorough marketing and positioning phase, involved a large amount of collaboration with Drucker …read more

World In Conversation

World in Conversation: Transforming Conflict into Collaboration

Bobby Walter | Doing | November 25, 2015

World in Conversation facilitates radically open dialogues that expand perspectives and invite greater understanding between people. The Center for Public Diplomacy started on Penn State’s campus, but the organization has since sparked conversation across the world with video communication technology and a partnership with NATO cadets and civilians in conflict zones. We were tasked by …read more


Participating in [CP]2’s Brand[Aid]

Bobby Walter | Doing | October 21, 2015

We take enjoyment in being involved in events happening in our community, which is why we’re excited to be participating in the inaugural Brand[Aid], benefiting Housing Transitions. Brand[Aid], hosted by [CP]2, brings together creative community members, businesses and organizations to help enhance the brand and marketing materials of a local nonprofit. This year’s beneficiary, Housing Transitions, assists …read more

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