The whiteboards in our office are always full of scribbles and letters. Messy marks that become a bridge between our thinking and doing. In that spirit, our blog shares thoughts and ideas without the use of stinky markers. Some are clever. Some are insightful. Some are entertaining. All are Rowland Creative. Enjoy.

10 July 2015

Introducing: The Donut

Last week, I had the opportunity to meet with a group of like-minded business owners & entrepreneurs at an IMC event addressing the development of custom web and mobile applications. Leading up to the discussion, president of West Arete, Scott Woods, and I met to discuss the fundamentals of creating a successful app...
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01 July 2015

IMC Presentation: Design and Development of Custom Web and Mobile Applications

The Innovative Manufacturers’ Centre (IMC) hosted us this morning to talk about the design and development of custom web and mobile applications. Partnering with West Arete, a custom software development company, we talked shop with over 20 attendees, all of whom held different interests in the topic. While most were working on an in-house project, several noted...
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10 June 2015

Driven by Design

A problem we frequently run into when proposing work to clients is the misconception that design work is an frivolous expense that doesn’t generate any additional revenue. And we get it. When allocating your budget, it’s hard to imagine how new graphics could hold more of an importance over sales initiatives or additional employee...
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01 May 2015

Coming to Terms with the Whiteboard

True story: Several years ago, I picked up a cast off side table left curbside for an enterprising passerby. I thought with a new coat of paint/minimal effort, it had great promise. Within 20 minutes of bringing home paint from the hardware store, my project was done. Sand and prep...
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