The whiteboards in our office are always full of scribbles and letters. Messy marks that become a bridge between our thinking and doing. In that spirit, our blog shares thoughts and ideas without the use of stinky markers. Some are clever. Some are insightful. Some are entertaining. All are Rowland Creative. Enjoy.

22 November 2016

Thanksgiving at Rowland

This week we’ve been sharing our thankful lists as we get ready for the Holiday. It’s been a big growing year for us as an agency and we’re excited for what the future holds! Team Thankfulness
18 October 2016

The Ingenious Power of Partnerships

Invent Penn State was a new and critical initiative. Penn State President, Eric Barron, put time and money behind an effort to bring innovation and economic opportunities across the Commonwealth, impacting ecosystems from student entrepreneurship to industry partnerships. They needed a visual identity and web presence that served many distinct audiences from...
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11 October 2016

Thinker/Doer: How and Why We Do What We Do

We’re kind of obsessed with this pairing: thinkers/doers. It’s how we identify ourselves. It’s in our email signatures and on our About Page. It’s on our business cards and it comes up in conversation. We praise by saying, “She’s definitely a doer” or “There’s good thinking in this design.” But...
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05 July 2016

Guess Who!

Every agency has its charming particularities, its unique quirks. And every member of that team brings their distinct gestures and foibles. See if you can guess which telling characteristic belongs to which Rowland team member! Meet the Team! Guess Who Who’s Who?