The whiteboards in our office are always full of scribbles and letters. Messy marks that become a bridge between our thinking and doing. In that spirit, our blog shares thoughts and ideas without the use of stinky markers. Some are clever. Some are insightful. Some are entertaining. All are Rowland Creative. Enjoy.

23 May 2017

3 Ways to Win at B2B Tech Marketing

Companies in the B2B tech vertical have a challenging job ahead of them: to market their product in a way that’s as innovative as their company. Whether you’re creating a new line of 3D printers or introducing your newest software, it can be hard to know what broad tactics and trends...
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09 May 2017

What You Need to Develop Great Content

This is the second part in our series on Content Marketing. Check out Part 1 here. Our job is not to create content. Our job is to change the world of the people who consume it. – Andrea Fryrear We’ve talked about why content marketing is totally worth the investment....
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20 April 2017

A New Web Presence for Happy Valley LaunchBox

Happy Valley LaunchBox is a no-cost business accelerator program with co-working space for local entrepreneurial teams with a scalable business concept. It’s the flagship seed center among the Invent Penn State initiative that spans the Penn State Commonwealth campuses. When we first began working with LaunchBox, we developed a logo that...
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11 April 2017

Think Differently

It’s an easy concept to praise. Apple made it sexy decades ago. We tell the legends of the people who changed the world with all the great things they could do because they thought differently. But it’s not as easy to tell the everyday stories where it goes like this:...
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05 April 2017

How’s Your Brand Health?

“But what do they really think about us?” It’s a question we’ve all asked. We can’t afford to not know what they think about us, whether “they” is a client, customer, vendor, etc. Here’s the other thing we all know: it’s hard to get real feedback from your people. It’s...
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14 March 2017

“Rework”: Learning Growth that Works

This post is part of our ongoing series “The Rowland Bookshelf” featuring the books, resources, and ideas that have changed our game.   This past year was a big year. We added four new people since last February (more than doubling our previous staff), expanded our offerings, and fully transitioned...
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06 March 2017

Make the Most of Your Marketing Agency

You’ve realized the need to turn to outside marketing minds for help with a new initiative, a corporate rebrand or an important product launch. These are exactly the situations where help from a marketing agency is a good idea. It’s important to remember through your search that hiring an agency...
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