Penn State artsUP

Students, faculty, staff, community members and their families are encouraged to discover the arts at Penn State during artsUP through performances and hands-on activities. The festival took place on a sunny afternoon on campus, but we crafted our materials to fit into a much larger picture: repositioning Penn State’s arts district as cultural hub with opportunities for exploration and entertainment for the entire Centre region.

“artsUP started as a big idea that, prior to our collaboration with the Rowland Creative team, looked like an insurmountable task. Their thoughtful approach and communication helped us see pretty quickly that what we were going for really was attainable. With that established, we turned them loose on creating the look and feel of artsUP, which turned out to be playful and vibrant, clean and classy all at the same time. We couldn’t have asked for a better partnership in this venture. ”

Joyce Hoffman, Director, Alumni Relations & Communications, College of Arts and Architecture at Penn State

What did we deliver?

Materials plan, custom illustrations, promotional flags and banners, large window vinyls, digital and print ads, t-shirt designs, event posters, Create & Share cards, branded giveaway items